Windsurf Equipment at the school

As a professional Windsurf-Center we offer a large range of the latest windsurfing equipment. The material gets renewed every year, so the kit you’re renting is always in perfect condition.

materiel 1 gorca pix.jpg


The range of boards goes from radical wave boards, over freestyle & freeride boards to the new wild-style shapes, which more and more people enjoy.

All our sails are from GOYA. There are wavesails, freemove & freeride sails waiting for you, in the sizes from 3.0 to 8.2 sqm.



Wetsuit and harness are included in the rent.

We work with a fix board-system with the option to change.You make your choice and tell us which model you would like. Then we will reserve the board exclusively for you. However if you want to change for another board in the range as long as it is available you’re welcome to swop.



We recommend that you book your board early, especially for easter and summer holidays.